The Realities of Being A Single Mom

Being a mom is in no doubt the toughest job there is in the world. You do it for 24 hours, 7 days a week. No breaks. Even when you’re in the bathroom, expect your little one to be knocking or seating at the door and screaming because she wants a snack and to just hear your voice till you come out. Thankfully, there is usually a partner to the rescue… giving mom her well-deserved “me time” even if just for a couple of minutes.

But that’s not always the case.

Many moms raise their children on their own, and let me tell you being a single mom is tough. Imagine doing it all by yourself – taking care of the little one, managing finances, and working. Being a single mom is not an easy job. And if you happen to be a young single mom, things can get even more challenging!

So what is it like in being a young single mom?

When you’re a single mom, there is no room for being tired. There’s no room for being exhausted. There’s no room for taking a break. These things is basically on the to-do-list, that seem to not get handled. When you was in school you may have thought that taking exams and doing research was the hardest to have experienced. But when you have a baby you start to think that was way easier. And carrying a baby inside you for 9 months then afterwards the baby arrives. Having a 5 pound 6 ounce baby can be sore especially if it’s your first child. After founding out that I was pregnant with my first child from that moment on it was a journey that left me in awe every stride of the way. So upon his arrival it was a joyous time that left me in nothing but smiles the moment he came into this world.

Really all the stress, exhaustion, lack of sleep, depression is basically nothing compared to the challenges of raising a child alone. Every single mom goes through some emotional burden that they have to bare alone which makes their life more difficult. From time to time there moments where we feel like we are alone and feel guilty that we are raising our children without a father no matter the circumstance of the situation. Later wondering how are you going to answer those daunting questions that our child will definitely ask of why daddy isn’t around and those questions will definitely come when your child see other kids with both parents and deep inside feels some type of loneliness. When these issues come up, we have to be strong as mothers and keep encouraging our child that it’s not their fault. This issue came up when my son was about 5 years old and it made me feel so defeated that I couldn’t take away that pain and that he just wanted his dad around. As a parent I had to stay strong and keep my personal feelings to myself because us mothers don’t want to put any bitter opinions in their minds and that they have to learn over time what type of father they really have.

Published by Christina Renaye

Single working mom of 2 teenagers.

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