How to be a successful working mom

I’ve always been a planner and organizer. Even as a kid my room and toy box was always neat and tidy.

Because of my planner ways, I started mapping out in my head how I was going to excel in the working mom life well before my children existed. I had Word Documents and Excel Sheets and plans with a capital P.

Then in March 2005, I actually became a mom and realized that it’s almost entirely impossible to plan for becoming a mother before you are one. No one has a single clue about what motherhood is going to look like for them. My plans had to become VERY flexible.

What helped me a lot as I dove into the intense “how to be a working mom” on the job training was hearing from other moms who understood what I was dealing with. I had many heart-to-heart conversations with women in the office, a variety of connections with moms on the internet about our experiences Working mom blogs became my new favorite genre and eventually led to me starting my own here.

What I didn’t understand about being a working mom before I came one was that knowing that their day doesn’t start at 8am when workers at the job clock in. Most likely the day starts at 6am as we get the children ready for school and take them to their schools then off to work. Working mom face some battles before the day can start.

Setting a system for work at home and at the office. Now that we are in a pandemic majority of us are working from home so balancing the work life and home life is just a few feet away. With some structure and planning it can be durable and especially with assistance from family.

Stop judging yourself. Judging yourself doesn’t make it any better. It is quite easy for high achievers to be hard on themselves but as mothers we have to resist the urge. From personally experience, judging myself usually meant that I haven’t lived up to the (unrealistic) expectations that was set. As a working mom you are way to busy for that.

Published by Christina Renaye

Single working mom of 2 teenagers.

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